Welcome to the official website to register for the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Datahon hosted by the ACM Los Rios Community College Chapter! This is where you will sign up to participate in the WiDS Datathon Workshop, which will be held on January 28th, 2022.


The WiDS Sacramento Datathon Workshop is an independent event organized by the Los Rios ACM to coincide with the annual Women in Data Science (WiDS) Datathon. Participants can be of any gender, and can be students, faculty, government workers, members of NGOs, or industry members.
The workshop is focused on learning and collaboration rather than competition. We invite participants from all levels of proficiency with data science and will separate complete beginners from those with more experience during the workshop, with different training for each level.

Workshop Sessions

Being held virtually, each workshop session will be approximately 2-3 hours long with plenty of breaks. These sessions include talks by Kaggle experts, networking sessions and hands-on sessions.


There will be dedicated mentors at the workshop who will have plenty of hands on data science experience and can provide technical guidance to the teams through building a solution to the datathon challenge.

Sign Up

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